About Us

Hi, my name is Lorena and I love practical and efficient solutions.

Bringing it to how I care of my hair, I cannot agree that to have beautiful hair you need dozens of product options and that every day you need to spend precious time to put the curls in place. I have always sought information and examples of low-cost solutions that bring more benefits than headaches.

In September 2019, faced with so many options available for products and accessories, I came across the possibility of making my own satin pillowcase.

So, with my newly acquired sewing machine, I sewed my first pair of satin pillowcases. On the first night, some questions arose in my mind: "Why don't all the people in the world use satin pillowcases to sleep?", "How could I live until today without them?"

The next day the sensation on waking up was wonderful, it seems that my sleep had been more peaceful than usual. But the best was yet to come, was to look in the mirror and see that my curls were not undone during the night. It was to see that there was practically no frizz.

It took me 2 minutes in an activity that made me wake up 30 minutes early: leaving my hair beautiful for the day to come. It was liberating to know that what I had done was to have slept in a different pillowcase. The world needed to know that, all the curly ones needed to feel what I was feeling.

So it was the first moviment for the Kira the Cat.

Ah, Kira is my kitten's name. She was adopted by me and my husband in the month of my birthday. She is my passion, super affectionate, great company, she is with me in all stages of production and sale of the product, then I thought why not eternalize my companion on this journey in the name of the brand ?!